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The Disney Dreaming community

Disney Dreaming
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This is the Disney Dreaming community, a place where you can chat about your favorite Disney movies! This is a temporary set-up for my Disney fanlisting.

There are rules here, I expect you to abide by them.
1. This community is only for chat about animated Disney cartoons/movies. This excludes all of the Disney channel cartoons except House of Mouse and the Lilo & Stitch series. And feel free to talk about the parks and console games!
That may have been a little confusing, so let me put it this way.

Lilo & Stitch the series = good
Dave the Barbarian/The Proud Family/Recess (sorry!) = bad

If it originated from an animated Disney movie, it's fine. =)
2. No live-action talk, as fun as PotC was. If I keep Lizzie McGuire and Lindsay Lohan out of this comm, PotC must stay out too. ;_; Sorry, Captain Jack.
3. Don't join to make fun of members. Disney's cool, dammit!
4. It doesn't matter to me if you make your posts members only or not, use judgement.

Disney Dreaming is a community for the way Disney once was. If you've got suggestions or ideas how to get Disney back to that time, please join our sister community disney_ideas.

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