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I found out about these cute toys called Zizzlingers today while running around through Toys R Us. There were ADORABLE Disney Princesses on the outside packaging, so I couldn't resist. They're toys that come in a package that you drop in warm water and you get cute little figurines (or game pieces, if you wish to play the mini-game each is part of) after it fizzes and dissolves. The package advertises that you get 2-3 in a bag, and I was lucky enough to have three drop out! Here's my picture, click the thumbnail for a larger version:

Obviously, from left to right it's Mulan, Ariel, and Belle. I was so happy, because Ariel's my favorite Disney princess <3 I've been absolutely creaming myself everytime I go to Target and see the new Little Mermaid toys <3<3<3<3<3

Zizzlingers retail for $5.99 at most toy stores. I'm definitely going to buy more.
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